Challenge us to reduce your paint cost, save energy and reduce emissions!


independent company


Based in the heart of the West Midlands, in the United Kingdom, we are a private family owned company. Established in 1903, we are celebrating over 100 years in the paint manufacturing industry.  Trade Counter for collections and Technical advise.

Registered to Iso 9001:2008, licence number FM30421.

Open daily Monday-Thursday 8am – 4.15pm, Friday 8am-3.30pm.

solvent based paints


Our specified solvent based paints meet compliant regulations ie. high solids, low solvent content. Also to reduce emissions we produce a wide range of high specification water based paints and powder coatings that can be cured at low temperatures. All designed to reduce our carbon footprints and a safer work environment.

paint colour charts


We manufacture to a wide variety of colour charts including RAL, BS 2660, BS 381C, BS 5252, BS 4800, Pantone, Designer RAL, NCS, Fluorescents, or to your sample. The minimum order is 5 litres for paints and 25 kilos for powder.