Tectyl 506

Tectyl 506 -available in 5 litre tins or aerosol cans.

We are suppliers of Valvoline Tectyl 506, a general purpose corrosion preventative compound. The compound is used to protect metallic surfaces such as machinery, tools, automatic parts, tubing and spare parts from rust both indoors and outdoors.

Tectyl 506 is a solvent cutback with a wax base and cures to a dark amber, waxy, transparent firm film. The wax-based preventative works best when applied to clean, dry metal surfaces although due to its water displacing properties can be applied to damp surfaces too.

Application – Ensure uniform consistency prior to use. Continued stirring not required. You can apply Tectyl 506 as a spray or with a brush.
Removal – Can be removed with mineral spirits or similar petroleum solvents, hot alkaline wash or low pressure steam.
Storage – Should be stored at temperatures between 10-35 degrees celcius
Coverage – Approximately 16 square metres per litre at 32 micron dry film thickness

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